The Upwey Angling Club was formed sometime before World War II. It disbanded for the duration and recommenced in November of 1945 and has been continuously running since then.

In the early days, the members mainly fished the bays and the ocean from charter boats as people rarely had their own boats back then. The members also loved their fresh water fishing, usually traveling as a group in the back of one the members furniture van to the spots on the lakes or the rivers, usually for brim fishing. In those days, fishing rods were made mainly of cane, and fishing lines were made of cat gut, which needed to be soaked in water to become pliable before starting to fish. Over the years the rods then were made out of fibreglass, and the line became nylon, and now later technology has seen many advanced in materials for fishing gear.

The Upwey Angling Club has striven for many years to promote fishing conservation, where we would fish many catch and release tournaments, or would fish for small bag limits, thus having members only take what would end up on the dinner plate. This drove a policy in the club to fish much lower than the Goverment regulations.

The Upwey Fishing Club for many years would have regular fishing trips against other clubs around the state. They have striven to cater for all types of members with a special emphasis on juniors. The meetings have been held for the last forty years in Upwey behind the Upwey supermarket, in our own clubrooms. Meetings are held every first and third Wednesday of every month. All guests and new members are welcome.